Covid-19: monetary aid: governmental financial assistance

Covid-19: monetary aid: governmental financial assistance

Dear employer 

A survey conducted among NEASA members and the NEASA network pertaining to Governmental assistance and aid, has indicated that 49% of participating employers have not applied for Covid-19 related governmental financial aid.

The same survey has indicated that, to date, of the 51% which applied, only 9% received any help. 

Employers who opted not to apply, have listed not complying to BEE requirements, a distrust of government, red tape, the cumbersome nature of the application process and a reluctance to incur further debt, as reasons for not applying for assistance.

The fact that only 9% of those businesses who attempted to get help, were actually successful, emphasises the inadequacy of the governmental aid schemes.

The Government, nor any other government, can do for business, and workers, what a smooth running private sector can do.

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