Covid-19: Return to work - who has to be screened?

Covid-19: Return to work - who has to be screened?

The Department of Employment and Labour has issued a large number of regulations that employers, who are permitted to operate during Alert Level 4 should adhere to, in order not to fall foul of its legal obligations.

Among these is a requirement that screening should be implemented at the workplace in order to detect possible cases of Covid-19 infection.

This screening process includes a questionnaire regarding possible symptoms as well as non-invasive temperature checks which can be performed with infrared thermometers.

It should, however, be noted that the screening provisions are only applicable to “workers” that visit the employer premises. “Workers” include employees as well as contractors or subcontractors that visit the site to perform work.

The definition does not include customers and it is therefore not required for a business to subject its clients to the screening process.   

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