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Joining forces in 2018: MEYLE and DRIFT UNITED

Joining forces in 2018: MEYLE and DRIFT UNITED

The DRIFT UNITED racing series will be kicking off a new season on the upcoming weekend. As a new main sponsor, the Hamburg-based spare parts manufacturer Meyle will be supporting racing events in the drift segment this year, beginning with the first race. Established in 2011, DRIFT UNITED offers visitors spectacular events with amazing drift courses and thrilling races.

In addition to sponsorship, the season will also be focusing on the continuous exchange and sharing of expertise between the MEYLE engineers and the DRIFT UNITED participants. By analysing the performance of the automotive parts in extreme conditions, the Hamburg-based manufacturer can also acquire valuable knowledge for further development of products. After all, the vehicles and parts need to deliver top drifting performance: unlike driving on conventional bends, drifting requires top performance from all the suspension parts, whilst the automotive parts need to be able to withstand excessive strain.

‘We’re proud of the fact that we were able to win over MEYLE as a main sponsor, a partner that shares our passion for cars and motor racing and has the know-how as a manufacturer to effectively support us when it comes to technical issues,’ says Alexander Fürstenberg, Managing Director of DRIFT UNITED. ‘We’re looking forward to working together!’

With DRIFT UNITED, MEYLE is expanding its sponsorship activities to include another project in racing and motor sport: MEYLE also recently began sponsoring the Lebanese rally driver Eddy Abou Karam and is supporting his participation in the rally through Lebanon. MEYLE has also been involved as a technical collaboration partner for the Tankpool24 racing team in truck racing for several years and supports the team and drivers with MEYLE parts and engineering expertise.

You can find further information about the races of the DRIFT UNITED racing series on MEYLE’s Facebook and Instagram pages.