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The best nail sets and punches in the world says USA manufacturer, backed by a lifetime warranty

Spring tool sets, Pin Punches, Metalworking, Woodworking, and the Master Mechanic set

Hand operated punches and small chisels that deliver 3500 PSI without the use of a hammer

The Spring tools can be used in all industries, metal workers, automotive and wood working, each spring-loaded tool can deliver over 3500 P.S.I to the intended target, with a simple hand pull back hand action. All tools are made with the finest materials available and are guaranteed for the life of the product. Existing markets include professional metalworking, carpentry, furniture builders, installers, painters, mechanics, emergency techs, hobbyists and more. New products include ultra-precision tools designed for orthopaedic surgical applications. All the tools are quality hardened steel, for the perfect precision, control and action with a lifetime warranty, the Spring Tool range covers your every need in the work place there are sets and individual tools for all types of uses in all types of industry.


The automotive pack is a 5 piece Master Mechanics Set consisting of 5 tools a precision ping hammer to remove dents, straighten flanges and posts, a cold chisel for removing rivets and other mild steel applications small screws and other protrusions, a combination double sided or dual centre punch and prick punch for accurate spot marking, and deep centre indentation for drilling, a high speed centre punch to mark ultra-hard materials and self centering transfer punch that creates perfect holes for design transfer and mounting new hardware.


This set is for carpentry and finish working, ideal for hanging pictures and starting nails, perfect for working in tight spaces, great for trim and molding work, excellent precision and control with a professional grade and finish. The set includes a combination centre punch and nail set to mark holes for drilling a to set nails slightly below the surface of the wood accurately, also a combination nail starter and nail set, to create the hole in any wood surface and set the nails below the surfaced, perfect for tight spaces, included in this set is the square face wood chisel to mortise excess material around doors and windows.


The complete metal working set, made up of a range of punches and chisels, to mark any material for easy drilling, great for working in tight spaces, the ideal cold chisel for removing rivets and rusty screws, a combination centre punch and prick punch, for accurate spot marking and centre punch for deep indentation for drill holes where the drill will not slip out of position. A high speed centre punch, specifically designed to mark ultra-hard metals and a self centering punch that creates perfect centre holes for design transfer and mounting new hardware.


The Pin Punch set are Rockwell 65 hardened units, perfect for tight spaces, perfect for removing pins, they are self-centring tapered pins, with very handy length catering for long, medium, and stubby situations, the kit consists of a 1/16” pin punch, a 3/32” pin punch, 1/8” pin punch and a 5/32” large pin punch


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