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MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 April 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 April 2018

MasterTips: R1.5 million fine for drunk driving

If you think that South Africa has become tough on those who drive while drunk, you might be mistaken. A celebrity in the UK has received the largest ever fine for drunk driving, an equivalent of R1.5 million.

MasterTest: First shipment of Isuzu SUVs arrives in SA

The first shipment of Isuzu's new mu-X SUV has arrived at the Port Elizabeth harbour. Consumers can look forward to the vehicle as it will soon be launched in South Africa.

MasterNews: Long weekend road safety

As another long weekend looms, South African roads are likely to be busy again. Follow these tips to help stay safe on the roads, especially in light of the recent 10% increase in the Easter road death toll.


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