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Five lucky Shell customers get saucin’ after winning a BMW

Five lucky Shell customers get saucin’ after winning a BMW

5 lucky, loyal customers who each won a BMW after entering the annual 5 BMW’s in 5 Week’s competition. On 29 March 2018, Shell Ultra City Jacaranda hosted Shell executives, media and the ecstatic customers for an exciting day where the winners received keys to their brand new BMWs. For the 3rd consecutive year, Shell ran its successful end-of-year campaign from 12 December 2017 to 14 January 2018.

Entries have been increasing by over 20% year on year since the inception of this campaign, and this year resulted in over 408,000 entries received using the SMS and USSD platform, coupled with multiple site activations held nationwide.

During the festive season, Shell had social media buzzing with the brands’ fans posting pictures of themselves under the theme “Show Us Your Sauce” using #5in5. Young and elderly were hyped by the campaigns fresh and trendy approach to reaching out to their customers as they posted pictures of themselves at Shell Service Stations around the country.

The lucky 5 winners are:

  1. Goitseone Dolly Phaka who entered at Shell Ultra City Jacaranda, Midrand
  2. Bin-Yameen Mahomed who entered at Shell Ultra City Jacaranda, Midrand
  3. Babalwa Socishe who entered at Shell Ultra City Kei Bridge, East London
  4. Sherene Naidoo who entered at Shell Derby Motors, Pietermaritzburg
  5. Betty Kwele who entered at Shell Dhlamini Service Station, Soweto

“This has become a signature campaign for Shell because we love to have the opportunity to make a difference in our customers’ lives,” said Yaasier Abrahams, Head of Retail Marketing for Shell South Africa. “The BMW giveaway is just one way we say thank you to our customers for their continued support”.

The first winner to be notified, Goitseone Dolly Phaka, remembers when she received the call from Metro FM’s Breakfast show on the 19th December 2017. “I couldn't believe that I won, I screamed my lungs out and everyone at the office ran to me wondering what had happened. I have never won anything in my life before, the day I got the call was the happiest day of my life.” Thanks to Shell, Dolly’s dream of having her first car has finally been realised and she intends to make the best of her good fortune.

Betty Kwele, from day one when the competition was launched made sure that she went to Shell, specifically so she could add to her entries and improve her chances of winning. As part of her motivation, she would tell her friends and church associates that she was a BMW winner with Shell even before she won. “I am so thankful to Shell for making my dream come true. I plan to take my whole family on a road trip to Rustenburg to visit my late mothers grave and show it to the rest of my relatives. It is a humbling experience and it is real – I am a testimony to this!”

Having entered a lot of competitions before and being winner of none, Pietermaritzburg resident Sherene Naidoo was over the moon when she found out about her prize. The car came just in time as she was looking to assist her daughter with a new car after the previous one had been a write-off as a result of damages incurred in an accident. “I want to give my daughter a second chance at life and know that she will appreciate this gift from Shell”. Ironically, Sherene’s daughter had been so sceptical about her mother entering, she didn’t believe that people actually won.

Winners Bin-Yameen Monnaapula Mahomed and Babalwa Socishe had been inspired by the previous winners announced in 2017 to enter the Shell 5 BMW’s in 5 Weeks Campaign. Bin-Yameen had seen the joy they had experienced and believed that he could also be a winner too. “Winning is just the first part, taking my new ride for a spin and enjoying my prize is what I had planned to do after collecting my car”, said Bin-Yameen.

“We are confident that these engagements with our customers are a step forward in our journey of becoming South Africa’s favourite Service Station and to making customers life’s journeys better”, concludes Abrahams.