Clarity on Zimbabwean Exemption Permits (ZEPs) deadlines

With regard to our recent newsletter concerning the ZEP dispensation, we wish to provide further clarity for all affected parties on the relevant deadlines and periods of validity of the ZEPs:  

  • Current ZEP holders of the original ZEPs: extended and valid until 29 November 2024.
  • Current holders of original ZEPs  are entitled to apply for New Exemption Permits.
  • New Exemption Permits  issued are valid until 29 November 2025.
  • Original ZEP holders who already applied for waivers and for other mainstream visas, do not have to apply for the “new” Exemption Permits; and therefore,
    • if an original ZEP holder has applied for a waiver and a mainstream visa, he/she will be allowed to remain and be employed in South Africa, until they receive the outcome of their applications.

Holders of original ZEPs have the option to apply for new exemption permits OR, waiver applications in order to apply for general work visas, if they have not done so already.

Employers and ZEP holders are encouraged to consult with an Immigration Specialist in order to determine which permit or visa is most suitable and to apply timeously, so as not to run out of time before the date of expiration of the current permits in November 2024.

For any enquiries in this regard please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..