New Mercedes-AMG G63 Exclusively Fitted with Original Equipment Tyres from General Tire

General Tire is to equip the new Mercedes-AMG G63, the sports version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, with original equipment tyres.

This ultra high-performance SUV from the AMG tuner forge will be exclusively fitted with 20-inch General Tire Grabber HTS60 tyres from the factory. The tyre is designed to ensure maximum safety, both on and off the road.

Grabber HTS60 – optimal safety features both on and off the road

The Grabber HTS60 is a durable tyre that has been specially designed for SUVs. It offers excellent mileage even on rough off-road terrain and boasts a smooth driving experience in all road conditions – wet and dry. The innovative tread pattern gives the tyre excellent handling properties. The vehicle is easy to control even on wet surfaces. Thanks to the robust rubber compound, the tread also offers outstanding performance off-road. Insulated padding under the tread keeps bumps in the road away from the vehicle. This reduces unwanted rolling noise. The durable tread pattern compound reduces wear, resulting in high mileage and a long tyre service life.

This tyre line has been approved for the Mercedes-AMG G63 in the following size and in numerous countries:

General Tire Grabber HTS60 MO1A, 275/50 R 20 113H XL