Exciting changes underway at Mazda South Africa

The Mazda brand has undergone many evolutions since it first started as a cork manufacturer in the 1920’s. The first Mazda vehicle, called the ‘Mazda-Go’ was introduced in 1931.

Mazda has since grown into a leading global vehicle manufacturer with a reputation for exemplary quality, performance and design. A big part of the brand’s success is its ability to adapt with the changing needs of customers, but without straying from its core values.

The past few years have seen a seismic shift in how companies operate and how the public interacts with their chosen brands. For this reason, Mazda is undergoing another evolution that includes some brand repositioning and improved communication channels with its customers.

For Mazda South Africa, this includes a new location for its local headquarters. The new MSA head office is now at Hertford Office Park, Midrand.

According to Craig Roberts, MD of Mazda Southern Africa, “We saw an opportunity to move to a space that better reflects Mazda’s brand repositioning and at the same time accommodate for the changes that have taken place in office and workplace environments.”

The new workplace is specifically designed to provide for an improved working environment for all Mazda SA team members from its convenient and central location, office design and available amenities.

Along with the move to new premises, MSA will also incorporate hybrid working models into its operations. “We recognise that the traditional corporate office environment is no longer as effective as is required and no longer appeals to all employees. In today’s world of instant and immediate demands on operations MSA knows that employee well-being and work-life balance are essential for employees to deliver on their work objectives”, says Roberts.

In addition to the office move, Mazda South Africa is introducing a WhatsApp & Call-in number; 0861 370 134, that will be a dedicated ‘open line’ for customers to contact MSA head office.

According to Roberts, “effective communication channels are the foundations for any brand to succeed and our dedicated WhatsApp number is simply one part of Mazda’s ongoing efforts to simplify communication with our customers.”

The Mazda South Africa team are in the process of moving and expect the new offices to be fully up and running by 18 June 2024.