Jaguar South Africa’s #GiveHerACrown campaign artists go global

Jaguar South Africa displayed the exquisite artistry of six women from the 2023 #GiveHerACrown campaign in an event at the South African Consulate in New York.

The #GiveHerACrown empowerment platform uses the storytelling and the arts to fight for gender equality. Jaguar worked with the platform on this event to celebrate and showcase the talented women and their stories that are proudly curated from South African roots.

There were more than 80 guests, including diplomats, local and international business leaders and figures from art, fashion and the media. Empowered by Jaguar, this event has played an important role in uplifting female artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and share their stories.

The campaign was acknowledged for its impact, purpose, women empowerment and creating a platform to celebrate South African stories and creativity. The artists each created a bespoke piece on the theme of “Celebrating the exquisite details”. Each piece portrayed a story to inspire and encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. As a result of Jaguar exhibiting the artists’ work in such a renowned venue, two of the designs have now found a home at the South African Consulate in New York. The rest found buyers on their return to South Africa, following the New York event that took place in March.

Irene Kakooza, Communications Manager, JLR South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa, said: “Jaguar understands that culture and art have the power to tell untold stories, subvert stereotypes, shed light on our collective values and explore different facets of our complex identities. Through their creative expressions these artists have provided insight into the human experience from their perspectives and diversity. It was a great honour for Jaguar to be part of this showcase.”

Jaguar is proud to amplify the #GiveHerACrown platform as it continues to empower a select number of women creatives and further their education in the creative sphere. The proceeds have gone towards the Crown Bursary Fund which will further educate 14 women creatives at private education institutions. Ten students will attend the Inscape design school while four will attend the BHC School of Design x Visi. The two have partnered to create new modular online courses ton interior design. To date 20 students have benefitted from the bursary programme.

Over the years, the Crown Collection has also helped raise funds to promote an innovative schools’ education programme, with the assistance of non-profit organisation Lalela that uses the arts to promote gender equality.

The #GiveHerACrown campaign is part of JLR’s wider commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by supporting women across the globe to thrive in creative industries.

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