Industrial lubricants from FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA improve productivity and energy efficiency
The CASSIDA range of food-grade lubricants and greases

From agriculture to forestry, automotive, casting, cement, the glass industry, machinery, equipment and in metal processing, many processes only run smoothly with specially made lubricant solutions. “Our industrial lubricants can make a significant contribution to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce energy consumption,” saysLesley Barnard, Automotive Aftermarket Manager, FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA. Examples include hydraulic systems, gear units, and many other applications.

“The market for hydraulic fluids is growing as a result of the rising usage of hydraulic equipment in a number of different sectors. Hydraulic systems are widely used in difficult applications since they are designed to work under high temperatures, high pressures, and other complex settings, which supports market growth,” highlights Barnard.

“We manufacture and supply a wide variety of hydraulic oils, which sets us apart from our competitors,” addsAshleigh Pollen, Industry and Speciality Manager. These include mineral hydraulic oils that are zinc free (RENOLIN HO), hydraulic fluids that have a high viscosity index (RENOLIN B HVI PLUS),synthetic hydraulic oils (RENOLIN UNISYN OL), biodegradable hydraulic oils (PLANTOHYD), fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (RENOSAFE) and food-grade hydraulic oils that comply with NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact (CASSIDA FM HYDRAULIC OIL, mineral and CASSIDA FLUID HF, full synthetic).

Increased demand for wear protection on hydraulic pumps, higher system pressure and lower oil volumes have resulted in a greater need for more advanced products. “FUCHS strives constantly to be at the forefront of developments to meet the increasingly high demands of industry. Whether you are looking for a product that saves energy, is easier on the environment or has exceptional low temperature properties, or you just need an effective protection for your machinery, we have the correct product for you,” says Barnard.

FUCHS engages in application-oriented development directly at and in cooperation with the customer, with the aim to adapt lubricants optimally to the process and machine-related requirements. In addition, FUCHS attaches great importance to basic research and maintains commitments in interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships with universities, academic institutions, biotechnology companies and key clients such as OEMs.FUCHS has extensive laboratory and simulation capacities, and all product developments are accompanied by intensive testing.

About 80% of all machine breakdowns are due to contaminated oil and poor filtering. However, most of these instances could have been avoided with regular checks in the form of analyses and other inspections of the oil and filters. While it is not always financially viable to conduct regular laboratory analysis on the hydraulic oil in smaller systems, carrying out a basic visual inspection every week, or any similar interval, will protect the system against disruptions, damage and sudden unexpected stoppages.

Efficient lubrication of hydraulics is crucial for optimal performance in a range of industries. Hydraulic fluids from FUCHS offer the following benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Proper lubrication saves energy by reducing friction and minimising energy loss within hydraulic systems. Selecting the correct oil viscosity is critical. Lower viscosity oils move easier through the system, reducing energy consumption.
  • Arduous Conditions: Hydraulic equipment needs to start reliably. FUCHS hydraulic oils are designed to withstand low temperatures, eliminating the need for energy-intensive heaters in the hydraulic reservoirs.
  • Cleanliness: Dirt and contaminants can disrupt hydraulic systems. FUCHS stresses cleanliness by recommending the correct filters and proper handling during refilling. Ester-based oils from FUCHS, have cleansing properties and prevent varnish formation.

Contamination Prevention: Contaminated hydraulic oil can be disastrous. FUCHS hydraulic fluids are formulated to keep water content low and prevent water from binding with the oil. Separate refill containers for different lubricants also reduce the risk of contamination.