ISUZU Foundation improves learning environment at Grayville Primary School
Afeera Khan (Principal of Grayville Primary School), Vivek Singh (Dealer Principal NMI ISUZU), Marcia Mayaba (Department Executive Dealer and Business Development), and Michael Ramagole (Chairman of School Governing Body).

ISUZU Foundation has invested R118 200 to transform an area previously marred by weeds, broken glass, rubble, and stones into a safe and vibrant space for Grade R learners at Grayville Primary School to engage in impactful learning through playful activities.

Grayville Primary School, a government-funded institution which serves 1 317 learners from low-income households and previously disadvantaged communities, grapples with financial limitations, relying on fundraisers and external support to supplement its budget. 

"This initiative emphasises the commitment from ISUZU and its Dealer Network to make a meaningful impact in supporting educational initiatives and community development projects,” remarked Marcia Mayaba, ISUZU Department Executive Dealer and Business Development. Mayaba continued, “NMI ISUZU, located in Johannesburg, played a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition, highlighting the critical role of ISUZU Dealerships in uplifting communities within which ISUZU operates.”  

"Partnering with ISUZU Foundation allows us to amplify efforts in addressing pressing needs and enhancing the well-being of the young within our community,” said Vivek Singh, Dealer Principal NMI ISUZU.

Despite financial constraints, Grayville Primary School remains steadfast in providing essential services, including a self-funded feeding program benefitting 270 underprivileged children, with contributions from teachers, students, and the local community. 

"Creating an enriching learning environment extends beyond academics; it’s about fostering a safe and nurturing space for our learners to thrive," remarked Afeera Khan, Principal of Grayville Primary School. Khan continued, "The paving project by ISUZU Foundation not only improves our facilities but also exemplifies ISUZU’s dedication to the holistic development of our learners."

ISUZU Foundation remains dedicated to supporting educational initiatives and empowering communities across Africa.