Four wheels? No, two legs! Chery enters the market for Smart Robots

Chery has stunned guests to its CEO Conference by announcing that it will launch a completely new model – a bipedal robot driven by artificial intelligence – at the conference.

The robot is called Mornine, and it has a highly biomimetic design to mimic the shape and movement of a human. It was designed by Chery in partnership with Aimoga, a technology company with deep expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Mornine will feature a human-like face made from lifelike silicone that can move and mimic human oral and facial muscles. This, combined with its in-built Large Language Model (LLM), means that Mornine will be able to answer questions, respond to instructions and assist people in a natural and humanlike way.

For Chery, the new humanoid robot is not merely a showcase of its engineering capabilities. It sees this as a new model range that will be able to meet the needs of a new range of customers. For instance, Mornine could act as a guide, a salesperson, a receptionist or even – in later iterations – as a caregiver, guide, domestic assistant and nurse.

According to the company, Mornine will develop its capabilities in three distinct phases.

The first phase will see Mornine act as an information provider. In this phase, the robot will interact with customers to answer questions and provide information. While offering this service, the robot will increasingly learn how to interact with humans and learn different accents, conversation styles and the typical needs of customers.

During the second phase, Mornine will progress to use more of its advanced capabilities, such as visual recognition and autonomous navigation. This will include walking with customers to assist them, using its arms for demonstrations or other operations and even helping customers with certain tasks.

In its third and final development phase, Mornine will use what it has learned to become a competent assistant to its human owners. This can include services such as child minding and education, assisting elderly customers with home tasks and even cleaning and cooking for its owner.

“In launching Mornine, Chery will celebrate the pioneers in the world of humanoid robots, such as the well-known Atlas of Boston Dynamics, and show how it has used its extensive knowledge of customer requirements, engineering and machine-human interfaces to take humanoid robots to a completely new level.

“In time, we see a potential market for Chery Humanoid Robots to help customers with menial tasks and even assist those with physical challenges to enjoy a full and rewarding life,” says Tony Liu, Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa, who is attending the conference and the Auto China show with dealers and media from South Africa.