AI Trends You Can’t Ignore

Adapting to AI: The Next Frontier in Auto Repair

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a trend. It’s rapidly reshaping industries worldwide — the automotive aftermarket included. AI technologies are already transforming processes across the supply chain and at businesses like yours, from simplifying operations and fine-tuning workflows to providing exceptional service, with even greater potential on the horizon.

Four ways we’re seeing the wheels of AI in motion:

1. AI-powered predictive maintenance

AI algorithms are accurately forecasting when vehicles will need maintenance or repairs by analyzing data from sensors and historical maintenance records. The ability to predict potential issues enables service and repair shops and fleet managers to proactively schedule servicing and reduce downtime for drivers — a win-win.

2. Optimized inventory management

Not having the right parts on hand is a source of frustration for technicians and customers alike. The latest AI-powered inventory management systems allow businesses to predict demand and accurately manage stock levels through the aggregation of historical sales data, market trends, and supplier information. In the process, excess inventory costs go down and customer satisfaction goes up. McKinsey research has also found that AI-powered systems reduce supply chain errors by 20%-50%, which helps to reduce lost product orders by up to 65%.

3. Reduced wait times and personalized customer experiences

No matter the time of day or availability of your staff, chatbots and virtual assistants can capably answer inquiries, provide customers with personalized recommendations, and streamline the ordering process to improve the customer experience and foster loyalty. According to HubSpot, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service, and AI offers a cost-effective way to deliver on expectations.

4. Enhanced product development

As advanced algorithms analyze customer feedback, market trends, and performance data, AI is identifying areas for improvement and innovation, leading to the creation of optimized auto parts.

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