Mercedes-Benz South Africa announces Chef Wandile as a Friend of The Brand

Mercedes-Benz South Africa is pleased to announce Chef Wandile Mabaso as a Friend of The Brand. Chef Wandile exemplifies many aspects which align with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Chef is a master in his craft, his attention to the finer details is somewhat unmatched. He also displays a refined level of unorthodox thinking in his approach to the culinary arts. Chef brings new ideas to the proverbial table while retaining the skills mastered over his career.

It is for this reason that Mercedes-Benz South Africa has paired Chef Wandile with the equally remarkable EQE SUV. The all-electric EQE is a pioneer within its segment offering renowned Mercedes-Benz luxury and future-forward mobility in the form of its all-electric drivetrain. The EQE SUV also compliments Chef Wandile’s personal aspirations of being sustainable within his craft. Chef prides himself on using local ingredients to create bespoke flavours which takes his patrons on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Like Chef, the EQE SUV offers a unique and bespoke driving experience. The proportions of the EQE SUV combine function and aesthetics with the sporty character of the SUV. The new model, with its unmistakable purpose design, marks a turning point in its class. With the latest in Mercedes-Benz battery technology the EQE can cover up to 590km before needing a recharge. Mercedes-Benz South has recently invested over fifty million Rand into the local charging infrastructure making it easier and more convenient for customers to recharge.

As with Chefs restaurant, Les Créatifs, customers of the EQE SUV can expect a luxurious experience once they get in. Unmatched quality meets future digitalisation with the latest MBUX user interface which allows for seamless driver integration. The principles of Integral Safety apply regardless of the type of drive system. Like all other Mercedes‑Benz models, the EQE SUV therefore has a rigid passenger compartment, special deformation zones and state-of-the-art restraint systems.

The EQE SUV is the ideal fit for a young and promising Chef such as Wandile, its progressive, avantgarde and looks to the future. The EQE SUV is built on a long-standing heritage from the inventor of the automobile encompassing luxury and technology. Mercedes-Benz is excited for the journey ahead with Chef Wandile.

“Mercedes is a global brand that always inspired us as kids in Soweto. Today I am proud and honoured to be part of this aspirational brand. We hope to push boundaries, inspire and elevate what the future of the automotive luxury industry has to offer.” Chef Wandile Mabaso

“We are thrilled to have a culinary master such as Chef Wandile as part of our Friends of The Brand family. Chef Wandile is a born storyteller and he encapsulates his audience through his food experience. The EQE SUV is the perfect fit for such a progressive mover and shaker within the culinary space.“ Mark Raine co-CEO Mercedes-Benz South Africa

What is the Friends of the Brand program?

The long-running Friends of the Brand program connects Mercedes-Benz South Africa with brand ambassadors who are motivating pioneers, explorers and go-getters, much like the brand itself. Often, they’ve overcome barriers and in the process have set new standards in their field. The Friends of the Brand use their abilities to achieve enduring success in diverse projects.