Fitting genuine parts increases operating efficiency and safeguards equipment warranties

In the debate around whether to fit original equipment manufacturer parts or generic non-genuine parts to your material handling equipment, CFAO Equipment SA asserts that using anything other than approved genuine parts is pricier in the long run.  Using non-genuine parts may have repercussions on company performance and productivity in the long term.

National Parts Manager of Toyota Material Handling division under CFAO Equipment SA, Sara Scherl says: “Original equipment manufactured parts are of the highest quality that companies can purchase for their equipment. They are designed to increase the operational life of equipment, quite simply because the replacement part is designed exactly the same as the original.”

Genuine parts are commissioned by manufacturers and made to their original specifications by a third party. Non-genuine parts are manufactured as close to the original specifications as possible, but cannot match genuine parts for quality, strength or durability.

The inferiority of their performance is often due to the use of lower-quality materials, as manufacturers try to reduce costs, affecting both the safety and operation of equipment. Non-genuine parts will also wear faster, resulting in the need for repeat repairs sooner than expected, adding further downtime and additional labour costs.

“Fitting equipment with non-genuine parts can impair a machine's capacity to perform optimally,” says Scherl.

Scherl also states that genuine parts are backed by a manufacturer warranty but warns that any genuine part failure as a result of mixing and matching with non-genuine parts can result in the cancellation of this warranty.

“Sourcing genuine parts through the Toyota Material Handling division under CFAO Equipment SA – which is recognised as the partner of choice in the material handling market ‒ is seamless and will also safeguard the manufacturer warranties on equipment. Our wide range and stock availability of genuine parts for all models make it easy to find the right part for any piece of equipment,” says Scherl.