Today’s Youth to Add Their Voices at the Second Annual Freedom of Mobility Forum

New for the 2024 Freedom of Mobility Forum, students from three leading universities from Africa, Europe and North America will join the debate to offer their research and perspectives to addressing the topic: “How will our planet accommodate the mobility needs of 8 billion people?” As the decisions made now will impact the future environment for the next generations, it was critical to the Advisory Board to add younger people to the discussion.

Conceived by Stellantis as an open forum for the public to hear a broad range of perspectives as society faces the mobility challenges of the future, the Freedom of Mobility Forum’s second annual live debate promises to bring diverse – and possibly controversial – opinions. The event on April 3 will be facilitated by a neutral third-party and will explore how planetary limits could reshape freedom of mobility from technology, business, and lifestyle perspectives. 

One spokesperson from each school will offer opening remarks for the designated topic area that they have been researching with the guidance of their respective professors:

  • TECHNOLOGY: Students from ENSA Kenitra (Morocco) are looking at the environmental, economic, and technological challenges posed by the three major energy sources used and planned for use in transportation. They are studying technical solutions that can be leveraged to avoid resource depletion and those that can enable a more sustainable lifecycle from extraction to disposal. Professor: Dr. Ismaïl Lagrat
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE and EQUITY: Students from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University (United States) explore the connection between the decisions being made about mobility due to concerns about climate change, social justice and equity. Their research covers the major factors driving inequities in access to transportation and identifies relevant pathways to fostering greater mobility equity and accessibility for all. Professor: Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld 
  • BUSINESS: The students from HEC Paris (France) are challenging the overreliance on private vehicle ownership in traditional mobility business models and practices. They are exploring alternative and creative solutions that can offer more affordable, scalable, and sustainable mobility options that can better address environmental and social challenges. Professor: François Gemenne

Meet the students in this video:

Cecilia R. Edwards, partner at Wavestone, a global consulting firm, will serve again as facilitator, moderating the open discussion among the panelists and students. Viewers of the live event also will have the opportunity to interact directly with the panelists throughout the program via three dedicated Q&A sessions. More details for the two-hour digital debate will be announced later.

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