ExportFocus Africa Directory: July - December  2024  Edition

The ExportFocus Africa is Bi - Annual directory that connects companies to African Markets. Africa has been growing at steady rate creating a greater need for foreign companies to reach new businesses.

Lucrative Investment potential and Demand, both West and East Africa have increased their Imports and Exports. Taking advantage of the favourable political climate.

The ExportFocus Africa simplifies trade relationships between businesses and individuals that wish to invest in Africa. linking serious buyers with suppliers, products with consumers. As the continent is vast, our target market and readers are your reliable and efficient business partners in Africa.

Get Access to the Potential African Market through ExportFocus Africa Readers . With a reach of over 18 African Countries and 5 countries out of Africa. Reach African companies, prospective buyers & clients in very fast, effective & economical way. Free Distribution at Trade Fairs in African Countries. A great place to find serious buyers and sellers.

Our Readers are spontaneous and interested customers spread across the African continent. Avail special offers to market, exhibit and advertise through trade fairs in Africa. Develop contacts directly with the trading companies, buyers / importers. Appoint your distributors in different countries in Africa.

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