Collaboration and Lead Generation in franchising


  • 20 March - Virtual Networking
  • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Our guest speaker for the next virtual event is Frans van Der Colff, Executive Fellow and Associate Professor of Practice and business consultant, who mentioned at a previous event the importance of collaboration especially in franchising.  

Collaboration assists in promoting adaptability, it ensures effective marketing and branding strategies that resonate with local markets in the context of the brand. It also ensures consistency, commitment and knowledge sharing. Mostly collaboration recognises and gives a voice to all stakeholders and ensures shared value.

Effective communication is essential for collaboration as well as mutual respect. The history of our continent is one of collaboration, it is important for the future success of our businesses and our professional brands.

Please note

Due to a public holiday, this event will be on Wednesday and not the regular Thursday time slot. 

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Future trends, sales and lead generation and online marketing are the top topics people would like us to discuss at FASA's Virtual Networking events.  

Lead generation, sales and online marketing and brand building cannot be separated and do not work independently.  For you to generate leads, you must build a brand, and utilise online marketing strategies.   For you to convert your leads into sales, you have a deep understanding of your ideal customers and build the like know and trust factor.

We will be hosting a 30 mini workshop starting at 12 where and discuss how you can improve on your lead generation processes. 

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