Sketching Sensation: Frank Stephenson Design Debuts 'Learn to Sketch with Frank' at Geneva International Motor Show 2024

Frank Stephenson Design, leading global design studio, debuted its ‘Learn to Sketch with Frank’ course at the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) 2024.

The studio hosted seven masterclasses over three days, where Frank Stephenson and his team shared insights and expertise on the sketching and design process.

The success of the immersive experience meant the studio had to add an extra session to accommodate the overwhelming interest. All seven workshops featured a presentation by Frank Stephenson, a live sketching demonstration by FSD designers, Sajay and David, and a Q&A session with Frank. 

Eager to learn the basis of design sketching, participants were introduced to the core techniques required in sketching to develop an original overall design. After each session, the studio surveyed the participants and found that: 

  • 79% feel as though sketching will be a vital skill in the workplace going forward. 
  • 76% don't feel as though sketching is taught in enough depth at universities.
  • 65% of students don't have access to industry leaders when it comes to developing their career and skills.

Sketching Sensation: Frank Stephenson Design Debuts 'Learn to Sketch with Frank' at Geneva International Motor Show 2024Frank Stephenson, Founder and Creative Director of Frank Stephenson Design said, "We are thrilled by the response we received at GIMS. It was a great opportunity to share our passion and knowledge with a wide and enthusiastic audience. We believe that sketching and design are essential skills for the future, and we hope to inspire and empower more people to pursue their creative potential." 

Sandro Mesquita, CEO of Geneva International Motor Show said, “It was an honour to welcome the Frank Stephenson Design team to GIMS this year. The unique concept of the “Learn to Sketch with Frank” masterclass fits in perfectly with our ambition to offer our visitors immersive, informative and entertaining experiences and enable them to get up close to the leaders of the automotive industry. We are looking forward to renewing the collaboration in 2025 and extending the masterclass programme even further!”

Frank Stephenson Design also revealed its latest design concept at GIMS, FSD 59, a futuristic motorbike that combines advanced technology, radical design elements, and unparalleled functionality, which got lots of attention throughout the show.

Frank Stephenson Design is a design studio that offers a range of services from the future of mobility to innovative product design, and consulting and education. The studio is driven by the vision and values of Frank Stephenson, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative industry designers of his generation. The studio's motto is "A better world by design", reflecting its ambition and versatility.