Ford South Africa Launches New Apprentice Program to give Future Ford Apprentices a Leading Edge

Ford South Africa proudly announces the launch of its innovative apprenticeship induction program for aspiring Ford technicians, marking another milestone in the company's commitment to nurturing local talent and driving excellence in the automotive industry.

The new apprenticeship program aims to enhance and provide additional exposure to registered Ford apprentices on their journey to becoming fully qualified technicians.

This program is designed to offer a deeper learning for young individuals currently working at Ford dealerships. The intention is to enable a better understanding of what they learn as an apprentice and how this applies to Ford products, as well as an opportunity to remind them of their valuable contribution and role they play in the future of the Ford dealer network and the industry as a whole.

"At Ford South Africa, we recognise the importance of investing in the next generation of automotive technicians,” says Pieter Verster, Director Service Engineering Operations, Ford South Africa. “We value the curiosity and new perspectives that our apprentices provide; their feedback is invaluable and shapes the way we continually improve our training programs. We believe that their daily interaction with our vehicles contributes to the creation of better products. Aside from offering training, we want our apprentices to envision a long and rewarding career within the Ford family.”

In comparison to previous years, Ford South Africa now has the mechanisms to engage with apprentices before they become qualified technicians. Now they have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals within Ford Motor Company from an early stage. This new approach helps give them the confidence and guidance they need in those formative years, which ultimately results in a higher calibre of technicians working within the Ford dealer network.

In their third year of the apprenticeship program, participants will be able to enrol in formal training at Ford. This brings the benefits of training in modern, well-equipped facilities, where they have access to the latest specialised tools and technologies. This early exposure also helps narrow the gap from what they experience in training to what they will experience at Ford dealerships.

Upon successful completion of the training, the apprentices will earn a prestigious credit to their name, solidifying their expertise and garnering recognition within the Ford dealer training system. This credit sets them apart, making them more sought-after within the Ford dealer network.

Ford South Africa's apprenticeship program is set to play a crucial role in enhancing the development of the motor trade workforce, creating an environment and support structure for talented individuals to thrive.

The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles is reshaping the landscape for technicians, and it is essential to prepare these apprentices for that future by looking at ways to evolve and adapt, in synergy with this historical industry shift. This will lead to a stronger dealer network that is able to reduce vehicle downtime and provide an improved customer experience.