COIDA - Compensation Fund Contributions: you might be overpaying

Over the past two years, NEASA and its specialist service provider have helped employers save millions in Compensation Fund contributions.

With well over 250 assisted employers to date, we have been successful in identifying savings for businesses of all sizes.

This service is rendered on a success-based fee structure — no saving = no fee.

Below is a remarkable case study, demonstrating how savings were achieved for an employer:

Company A, a retail business, engaged our services towards exploring potential savings. Upon receipt of all relevant information from Company A, NEASA’s service provider was able to discover an oversight, i.e., Company A was incorrectly categorised by the Compensation Fund and, thus, was unknowingly overpaying on its Fund contributions. This misclassification was due to an error on the Fund’s part and had been applied since the company’s inception. Consequently, through this intervention, not only was Company A able to realise an impressive 78% reduction in its annual contributions, but it was also able to successfully reclaim all surplus amounts contributed, retrospectively. For certain businesses, these savings equate millions of Rands a year.

To find out whether your business can also save on its Fund contributions, or even recover past overpayments, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..