Chery doubles sales in January, looks to the future

This past January, Chery Group sold 200 992 units, which translates into a year-on-year growth of 107.5 per cent.

The Chery brand alone made up 135 130 units of this figure. This also marks the fourth consecutive month that the group surpassed 200 000 units in monthly sales and a great way to set the stage for further successes in 2024.

In South Africa, the Chery group started the year with an impressive 1 425 sales, giving it a top 10 ranking on the overall vehicle sales standings and a 5th place in national passenger vehicle sales. This is testament to an increase in customers’ positive response to Chery’s introduction of its MAX derivatives which consist of a high-level technological offering.

This is not only the best start to a year yet for Chery, but it is more than the average monthly sales for 2023, its best year yet on the local market.

Chery Group’s ongoing sales performance excellence can be attributed to a myriad of factors of which one of the most prominent is their non-stop innovation and leadership in the new energy arena.

In 2023, Chery Group announced plans for 16 new energy vehicles from the stables of their four brands and a host of new and improved technologies.

These included the launch of its third-generation hybrid technology in April 2023 at the New Energy Night held in Beijing. This technology encapsulates the accumulation of 18 years in this field and compromises hybrid-dedicated engines, batteries and battery management systems.

The technological advancement promises advantages in performance such as thermal efficiency of 44.5 per cent, comprehensive range of over 1400 km and acceleration 0 to 100km/h in 4.26 seconds. 

Whether it is improvements to their internal combustion engines (ICE) or their hybrid-dedicated engines, Chery continues to take the lead in the industry when it comes to product development and innovation.

Years of experience have led to Chery fortifying their position in the new energy arena by upgrading 19 of their core technologies, including platform architecture, chips and intelligent interaction.

In the pure-electric domain, Chery has spent four years and over 100 billion yuan to develop its EOX platform. It is the pinnacle of 26 years of technical expertise and integrates excellence in spatial convenience, cabin and driving intelligence, energy consumption and safety.

In July 2023, Chery made more inroads into the new energy segment, when its Chery eQ7 rolled off the production line marking the release of China’s first aluminium-based lightweight platform. This platform will accelerate Chery’s new energy product development, ultimately providing consumers with more choice.

In summary, Chery’s relentless pursuit of innovation has given the marque the edge when it comes to battery technology as well as in the field of intelligent driving. In terms of battery technology, the three advantages it has gained are full-cycle safety, full-temperature application and improved user experience. In terms of intelligent driving, the fusion of multiple data sensors has led to the achievement of high precision environmental perception and an adjustment in driving strategy that provides users with more comfortable and convenient driving.

If all this is taken into consideration, Chery Group’s mind-blowing sales should not come as a surprise.

CHERY SA will soon be launching newer product which continues to showcase the latest in its global technological offering. The flagship Tiggo 8 Pro Max AWD is scheduled for introduction in March 2024 and will be followed by an entry-level Tiggo 7 Pro Max shortly thereafter.