NEASA Payroll Services

Employers, in general, are inundated with red tape and administrative issues that they need to attend to, while having to focus on their core operations. 

Consequently, NEASA is pleased to introduce its payroll services as the newest product offering to employers.

In conjunction with an expert partner, The NEASA Payroll Service comprises the following: 

  • high-level review of remuneration structures to ensure compliance with tax legislation and other statutory requirements; 
  • comprehensive payroll services; 
  • leave administration; 
  • preparation of electronic transfer files for employees’ net salaries; 
  • maintenance of medical aid-, pension- and provident fund on payroll; 
  • maintenance and reconciliation of other third-party payments on payroll including garnishee orders and staff loans; 
  • monthly preparation and submission of the EMP201 return for PAYE, Skills Development Levy and UIF; 
  • annual preparation of IRP5 and IT3 certificates and COID return; and 
  • transmitting UIF declaration file. 

This expert service is provided at a very competitive rate and carries the NEASA quality stamp of approval. 

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