Leading Voices in the Aftermarket to Present Insights at myITG Suppliers Forum

TecAlliance, the expert for data management and processes in the automotive aftermarket, is pleased to announce the "myITG Suppliers Forum" on 9 February 2024. This webinar will be an enlightening session for parts manufacturers, featuring experts from industry giants Bosch, MANN+HUMMEL and Schaeffler. 

The myITG platform simplifies preparation for ITG events and enables parts manufacturers to efficiently send standardised and granular sales figure reports. In collaboration with ATR International, Autodistribution International, global one automotive, GROUPAUTO International, NEXUS Automotive International, and TEMOT International, myITG ensures that membership details and local structure information are up to date. 

The agenda for the myITG Suppliers Forum includes an introduction to myITG, insights from experts, discussions on the benefits of the reporting structure, and responses to general FAQs related to the myITG platform. 

Experts from Bosch, MANN+HUMMEL and Schaeffler will share their experiences with myITG, addressing key questions such as the decision to work with the platform, use cases, time and cost savings, and strategic benefits realised. 

The webinar will also focus on the revolutionary myITG Reporting Structure, developed in collaboration with major trading groups. This standardised solution streamlines the cumbersome process of submitting sales figures to International Trading Groups, reducing the time and resources parts manufacturers need to invest. Single-format reporting to all ITGs ensures unprecedented transparency. 

The myITG Suppliers Forum is scheduled for 9 February 2024 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM CET. Parts manufacturers can register for the free webinar at tec.al/myITGwebinar.