Goodyear at CES 2024

Goodyear is showcasing advancements in its tyre intelligence technology, Goodyear SightLine, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas this week.

Intelligent tyres can read the road and report back to the vehicle with the goal of driving enhanced levels of safety and performance. Developments in tyre intelligence technologies are poised to transform the future of transportation, ushering in a new era of smart and sustainable mobility.

Below you can find a short summary of the announcements we released today together with industry-leading partners ZF, Gatik, TNO and TDK with links to our newsroom to read the full details.

Goodyear and ZF collaborate to improve vehicle motion control with tyre intelligence.

The collaboration delivers Goodyear SightLine, a suite of tyre intelligence technologies, into the ZF cubiX® ecosystem, a scalable vehicle motion control software that coordinates all dimensions of vehicle dynamics. This provides further tyre and road data into the chassis system and enables an improved driving experience with better comfort, control and efficiency. Read more….

Goodyear and TNO enable safer mobility with tyre intelligence.

Integrating tyre intelligence powered by Goodyear SightLine into advanced anti-lock brake systems has the potential to reduce stopping distance by nearly six feet. Read more…

Goodyear and Gatik further advance safety of autonomous vehicles with tyre intelligence integration.

Gatik's autonomous fleet, consisting of Class 3–7 box trucks, has made significant strides in enhancing the safety, accuracy and overall performance of autonomous vehicles. Equipping the fleet’s tyres with Goodyear SightLine technology enables Gatik to advance the safety and overall accuracy of its efficient fleet operations, while also improving delivery uptime and reliability. Read more…

TDK and Goodyear announce collaboration to advance tyre intelligence technologies.

Today Goodyear and TDK announced a collaboration to advance next-generation tyre solutions with the goal of accelerating the development and adoption of integrated intelligent hardware and software into tyres and vehicle ecosystems.

Together, the organisations plan to bring a robust tyre sensing system to market, combining TDK’s software, sensor and electronic component expertise with Goodyear’s know-how in tyre development, intelligent solutions and industry trends.