1.881 Million Units in 2023: Chery, China's Top Passenger Car Exporter for 21 Consecutive Years!

Chery Holding Group has announced its sales for the year 2023. With December concluded at a monthly sales volume of 215,690 units, Chery Group achieved a remarkable "twelve consecutive increases" in sales for the year 2023. Reaching historic annual sales of 1,881,316 vehicles, the company achieved a year-on-year growth of 52.6%.

Group annual export of vehicles reached 937,148 units, representing a remarkable year-on-year increase of 101.1%, securing 21 consecutive years as China's top passenger car exporter.

As a result, Chery Group's global automotive user base has now exceeded 13 million, with 3.35 million users located overseas.

Chery focused on different segments in 2023, introducing innovative products such as the Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in Hybrid, Tiggo 7 Pro Plug-in Hybrid, and eQ series, among other new energy products. The comprehensive range of "New Energy and Conventional Fuel" vehicles was formed by collaborating with main models like the Tiggo 8 series, Tiggo 7 series, and Arrizo 8, driving sustained and rapid growth in the group's sales.

With "Green, Technology, Family, and Companionship" as its core brand values, Chery's globalization strides in 2023 have become more robust, leading to a continuous increase in brand influence. In the "2023 Chinese Global Brand Builders Top 50" jointly released by Google and Kantar, Chery secured the top position in the automotive category. Adhering to the global corporate citizenship concept of "In somewhere, for somewhere", Chery actively engages in the economic development, ESG construction, livelihood, and charitable activities of the countries where its overseas markets are located. In response to the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey, Chery Turkey took immediate rescue action within 30 minutes, becoming the first local automotive company to do so. Chery Automotive donated $6 million to UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) for international children's education projects and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), working together to promote the protection of fragile environments worldwide and conveying warmth and companionship through responsibility and love. In 2023, over 2,000 overseas dealers, foreign media, and customers from more than 50 countries and regions visited Chery's headquarters, jointly experiencing the unique charm of Chery.

In 2023, Chery steadfastly pursued technological innovation, achieving an accelerated evolution of "Tech Chery" with groundbreaking achievements. At the Qatar GIMS (Geneva International Motor Show), Chery officially unveiled its QPower architecture under the theme "Evolution for Future". QPower represents 26 years of accumulated and leapfrogged power technology from Chery. It is a comprehensive professional power solution covering mainstream power forms such as ICE, PHEV, BEV, and hydrogen power. QPower boasts energy advantages like "strong and swift", "efficient and green", and "high-energy and intelligent", fully meeting owners' green travel demands in terms of power performance, range, fast charging, and comprehensive safety. The introduction of QPower not only brings more innovation to the global automotive industry but also provides global owners with a better driving experience. Additionally, Chery's Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in Hybrid and the Tiggo 7 Pro Plug-in Hybrid made their debut at the Qatar GIMS, attracting international attention with the Tiggo 8 Pro Max, Tiggo 7 Pro Max, Arrizo 8, and other flagship models

In 2023, Chery hosted “Chery Tech Day” for the second consecutive year, unveiling the latest achievements of its forward-looking technology strategy. The company comprehensively focuses on five major technological domains, boasting more than 140 established and under-construction technology laboratories. Chery has accumulated leading technologies in intelligent hybrid architecture, batteries, electric propulsion, and more. This effort is aimed at creating high-quality products with comprehensive advancements in "safety", "space", "energy consumption", "intelligence", and "ecology" for global owners, thereby constructing a technology innovation chain tailored for the future.

Chery continues to enhance the gold-standard labels of "Made in China" and "Created in China" in terms of quality. In the “2023 China Initial Quality StudySM (IQS)” released by J.D. Power, Chery ranks first among self-owned brands. Chery's leading collision testing lab in Asia conducted 532 vehicle collision tests during 2023, setting a new historical record. Among them, the representative model of Chery, the Tiggo 7 Pro, achieved a five-star rating in the Australian A-NCAP (2023). To address owners' "electric safety concerns", Chery has improved electric safety protection in various aspects, including hardware facilities, safety measures, and electric safety.

Entering 2024, Chery Group continues to set annual business goals of "far exceeding the industry growth rate & greater achievements than in 2023".  The company persists in the development of high-quality products, characterized by "Brand Upward, Market Outward, Technology Forward, and Industry Toward the Entire Value Chain".  The aim is to significantly enhance the enterprise's capability levels, maintain continuous improvement in business quality, and accelerate the pace toward becoming a world-class brand. In 2024, Chery will launch a series of new PHEV and BEV models in multiple markets, equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as the new generation DHE/DHT, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and an intelligent cockpit, continuously enhancing the technological attributes of its vehicles through product iterations.