Pratley tops off 75th anniversary year with another world-first electrical product
Pratley Flameproof Ex d Envirobox with Ex d Flameproof Enviro Compression Cable Glands

In addition to celebrating its 75th anniversary, Pratley topped off a highly successful 2023 by launching the world-first Flameproof Ex d Envirobox. “These milestones are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers,” says CEO Andrew Pratley.

Addressing the ongoing challenges facing local companies, Andrew stresses the importance of survival and growth. Looking ahead to 2024, the company’s strategy remains focused on calculated and informed risk-taking to ensure sustainability and expansion. “The operating environment in South Africa presents challenges, but our philosophy is clear. De-risking is not the solution; instead, we must navigate the uncertainties with resilience and strategic decision-making.”

Next year Pratley is setting its sights on export growth, particularly into Africa. “We are also excited about introducing new products in both our adhesive and electrical divisions, setting the stage for continued innovation and market expansion,” reveals Andrew.

Locally, energy security has emerged as a crucial issue for many companies, with an increased emphasis on self-sustainability. While global trends include advancements in AI and digitisation, Pratley’s focus is to continue developing pioneering innovations. “Our Flameproof Ex d Envirobox is a game-changer. We are also closely monitoring sustainable energy advancements, particularly in solar technology,” adds Andrew.

In addition, local industry faces uncertain conditions arising from regulatory complexities and infrastructure deterioration. “Private sector collaboration will be vital to fill gaps and counter the impact of government challenges, ensuring stability and growth,” highlights Andrew.

This is linked to the importance of sustainability and community empowerment as foundations for economic growth. “Education is key for South Africa’s future. The private sector must contribute. Our training workshops are just one example. To create jobs, we need an environment that fosters new businesses and supports employers,” urges Andrew.

Pratley anticipates a continued challenging environment in the first half of 2024. “The road ahead might be bumpy. Elections will be pivotal. We will persevere, leveraging our strengths to navigate those challenges and contribute to a resilient business landscape,” says Andrew.

Expressing his gratitude to Pratley’s staff, Andrew acknowledges their significant contributions over the decades. “Our employees are the heart of Pratley. As we embark on the journey of our next 75 years, it is the dedication and pride of our team that will propel us forward,” concludes Andrew.