EQUIP AUTO On Tour returns in 2024

A touring event, visiting the heart of communities and regions, dedicated to professionals working in the automotive aftermarket and connected mobility services.

EQUIP AUTO is reconducting its regional exhibition format with EQUIP AUTO On Tour, inviting industry professionals to events in three French cities in 2024. Building upon the remarkable success of the first edition in 2021, EQUIP AUTO On Tour, as a local exhibition, reaffirms its desire to go out and meet the sector’s professionals in the very heart of French communities and regions.

EQUIP AUTO On Tour: at the heart of communities

EQUIP AUTO On Tour is stepping up its preparations for its new edition. This touring format of EQUIP AUTO, dedicated to professionals working in the automotive aftermarket and services for connected mobility, will be held on three dates in three cities across France:

  • Saturday 8 June 2024 in Montpellier
  • Saturday 29 June 2024 in Reims
  • Saturday 28 September 2024 in Rennes

The figures from the last edition confirm that the range of different formats put on by EQUIP AUTO are complementary to one another. According to a survey conducted during the 2021 edition of EQUIP AUTO On Tour, 70% of visitors said that they had never visited EQUIP AUTO Paris, while two out of three were new companies.

This second edition promises to offer exhibitors and visitors a new experience in light of their specific expectations and needs. EQUIP AUTO On Tour is thus creating ever more added value by adapting its format and content, with a new programme for each of these days in the French regional capitals.

Stands suited to all types of exhibitors and equipment

EQUIP AUTO On Tour 2024 is offering a range of stands more closely suited to the needs of exhibitors, with three stand size options: 7.5 sqm, 12.5 sqm and 15 sqm, thereby offering more space to present their products and services, along with the possibility of also exhibiting outdoors, to obtain a larger surface area.

A live demonstration zone

Exhibitors will also have the chance to present their equipment and innovative solutions in operation thanks to a new dedicated demo zone which will place a focus on three themes in particular:  

  • Energy sobriety and green transition
  • Connected maintenance
  • Electrification

Exhibitors will thus be able to showcase their equipment, products and solutions, and offer visitors, potential and current customers the chance to try out their equipment.

Workshop Area

A highly popular feature at the last edition, EQUIP AUTO On Tour will be presenting a programme of workshops based on the latest developments in the auto repair world. The subjects addressed will include electronic maintenance, ADAS calibration, work on electrified vehicles, automated and intelligent manual transmission, adaptive suspension, maintenance and updating of safety systems, and digital dashboards.

A “Local aftermarket panorama” for each region

Each city will host a “Local aftermarket panorama”, a round table bringing together speakers who will share hard-to-access market data such as the local on-road fleet, vehicle age, powertrains, etc. Well-known local figures such as parts and service distributors, local retail groups, recyclers, and maintenance professionals will share their experience.

The “Outstanding initiative” competition

The “Outstanding Initiative” competition, supported by trade associations, will be run again in 2024. This competition will distinguish local aftersales and service professionals who have conducted outstanding initiatives in the areas of sustainability, management, employee training and innovation in job disciplines and services. This will shine a light on local professionals and skilled tradespeople.

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