Goodyear’s Cutting-Edge Tyres for Every Vehicle: Unveiling the Goodyear EV-Ready Logo

New logo highlights EV and PHEV compatibility

All new and current Goodyear tyres are optimised to deliver exceptional performance for electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and this will be further clarified by the introduction of the new Goodyear EV-Ready logo.

The new label, which will be introduced on the sidewall of all new replacement tyres from the beginning of 2024, is designed to ensure drivers have full confidence in selecting the optimal tyres for their vehicle, regardless of its powertrain. It also helps dealers to streamline their sales processes and reduce inventory complexities, as it will also be featured in PriCat and the Goodyear system MyWay to facilitate customer identification.

Goodyear’s suite of tire technologies

Electric mobility is booming. S&P Global projects that 97% of new vehicle production in Europe will be at least partially electrified by 2029 with 61% of these being fully electric1. This trend means that the majority of new road car launches in Europe are likely to be electric vehicles (EV) within a decade, so naturally Goodyear will be at the forefront of such developments.

To ensure that EV drivers experience optimum performance, reduced noise, and extended tyre life, Goodyear has developed a toolkit of technologies designed to complement EVs, as well as vehicles with other powertrains.

Among these innovations is SoundComfort Technology, which ensures reduced interior noise created by tyre/road interaction in quiet EVs. This technology has the potential to reduce interior noise by up to 50%2, which is crucial to ensure a quiet, comfortable journey in an electric vehicle.

Moreover, the added weight and increased torque of EVs means the wear on EV tyres can be much more substantial compared to traditional combustion vehicles. Goodyear’s Mileage Plus Technology offers drivers the opportunity to maximize the life of their tyres, and travel further with each set. 

Goodyear’s low rolling resistance technologies also contribute to reducing energy consumption and extending the driving range, which can be achieved by optimising the tyre structure, in combination with developing innovative compounds and aerodynamically tuning the sidewall design.

Goodyear an OE supplier to around 50% of European-made EVs3

Many leading automobile manufacturers have chosen Goodyear as the original equipment tyre choice for their recent EV and PHEV launches, meaning Goodyear now is an OE supplier to around 50% of European-made EVs. This demonstrates the confidence these leading manufacturers have in Goodyear’s products and technologies. 

In addition to the EV logo for replacement tyres, Goodyear also features two other labels for its original equipment (OE) fitments designed for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

These labels, known as Goodyear’s Electric Drive Technology (EDT) and Electric Drive Ready (EDR) labels, will prominently be featured on OE EV and PHEV fitments. These labels signify the incorporation of a customised range of technologies to cater for the specific needs of a particular vehicle, such as combination of high load capacity, specific handling and noise performances and other criteria.

Laurent Colantonio, Senior Director Technology Consumer Tires EMEA Goodyear commented: “Goodyear has a rich history of quality and performance in tyre technology. As EV and PHEV vehicles place greater emphasis on motoring attributes like noise reduction, comfort, durability, and rolling resistance, we're proud that we can offer EV-ready tyres across our range, ensuring all drivers can reap the rewards of Goodyear’s decades of research and development in tyre technology. We look forward to seeing our new Goodyear EV-Ready logo on all new replacement tyres from the beginning of 2024.”


(1) Global S&P Engine Production Forecast (October, 2023)
(2) Depending on the type of vehicle, its speed and road surface. Based on internal vehicle road measurements, tested February 2018, January 2018, November 2017 and October 2011 by Goodyear engineers in Luxembourg. Tyre size: 225/55R17 on VW Passat Alltrack and Ford Kuga and 255/45R18 on Audi A7.
(3)  Goodyear internal calculation made in September 2023.