Lexus announces new partnership with Val de Vie Estate and Val de Vie Polo Club

Lexus South Africa is delighted to announce its new partnership with the Val de Vie Polo Club as the Estate’s official luxury vehicle partner.

The Vel de Vie Polo Club is one of the most popular in the world and has a key focus on polo and equestrian sport. The Estate’s passion for the ‘Sport of Kings’ is what’s made Val de Vie Estate an unrivalled polo destination.

The sport has been aptly referred to as the sport of kings purely for its display of skill, camaraderie and equestrian strength unparalleled in the modern world. As polo rises in popularity across the globe, purpose-built estates and luxurious stables are cropping up to sustain the game.

Lexus’ partnership will allow the brand to interact with an alternative audience whilst promoting the brand through the ‘Sport of Kings’ activities throughout the year.

Lexus aims to share their brand philosophy of making luxury personal where thrilling sport and refined luxury intersect with sophistication and elegance, showcasing Japanese omotenashi hospitality first-hand with majestic mountain views of the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley.

Lexus South Africa states: “At the heart of the Lexus brand is exceptional Japanese takumi craftsmanship, and we hope to showcase our experience amazing tagline to the Val de Vie Estate community at every touchpoint.”

“This is a wonderful partnership that will bring premium experiences, innovation and flair. Furthermore, the relationship underlines the brand's position as a leading luxury lifestyle brand,” adds Lexus South Africa.

The next big event that Lexus will be extensively involved in is the Val De Vie Polo Club League which kicks off on 4 November 2023. The league will continue for the next five months with the finale scheduled for April next year.

For the full Val De Vie Polo Club league fixtures, please visit