Complete lubrication solutions for cement and heavy industry

A leading supplier of lubricants and services for the cement industry, FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA offers diverse products such as STABYL HD, high-performance grease for roller bearings in kilns and mills.

“The cement industry has specific requirements for lubricants,” explains Astin Allin, Cement Local Business Segment Lead.

These include high temperatures, heavy loads, dust and water contamination, and long service intervals. FUCHS meets such challenges with innovative solutions that provide high performance, reliability, and efficiency. It also offers technical support, condition monitoring, and customised service packages to optimise the lubrication of cement plants.

STABYL HD, in particular, is a heavy-duty lithium soap grease containing a highly viscous base oil and wear-reducing EP additives and solid lubricants. It is mainly used in heavy equipment engineering to lubricate large, self-aligning roller bearings in roller mills and presses and plain bearings subject to high surface pressures.

The product has approval from major global OEMs such as KHD Humboldt Wedag International, Koyo Australia, Loesche, Maschinenfabrik Köppern, Outotec, and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG. It means that, apart from the cement industry, it is perfect for construction, machinery and equipment, power generation, mining, quarrying, and exploration.

Allin highlights that FUCHS is able to support its customers throughout the cement manufacturing process. Right from the quarrying stage, equipment such as crushers, trucks, and excavators operate in arduous conditions and are exposed to vibration, massive loads, and dust. FUCHS supplies a range of special lubricant solutions from blending beds to grinding units. It even provides chain oils and special oils and greases as well as lubricants for gearboxes and synthetic heavy-duty oils.

When it comes to the kilns and clinker coolers involved in hot processing, FUCHS offers open gear and high temperature lubricants, lubricants for thrust and support rollers, and even cleaners to degrease metal parts. The vertical roller mills used in the final grinding process require high performance oils for trunnion bearings and gearboxes, and special open gear lubricants for spray bath and circulation lubrication.

“Our customers also benefit from our global expert network, which offers the best technical expertise based on our extensive experience in the cement and other heavy industrial sectors,” concludes Allin.