International User Summit proves a green future belongs to Chery

On 15 October the start of the 2023 Chery International User Summit was successfully hosted at Chery’s headquarters in Wuhu, China.

More than 500 global media representatives, from more than 40 countries as well as swaths of Chery owners, descended on the summit that was themed “New Journey, New Life”. The aim of the summit was to explore together the establishment of Chery's new ecosystem. 

Attendees witnessed the innovation and development of Chery cars in the ecological field and were treated to a feast of green technology at the Chery merchandise displays. Products on display revolved around the concept of intelligent lifestyle which, according to Chery, is found in the interplay between “People, cars and life”. Some of the products included intelligent glasses, refrigerators, electric skateboards, lawnmowers and other ecological products that marry intelligence with technology.

The summit is the fruition of Chery’s long-standing philosophy of building user-centric ecosystems based on the three pillars of New Ecology, New Technology and New Future. It is important for Chery that this also aligns with their core values of producing green products and cutting-edge technology for those who value family and community. For Chery, user-needs and user-experience informs everything that they do, while at the same time the company also ensures that its production process implements a green system of intelligent manufacturing, logistics and technology.

On 16 October Chery continued its tour de force with the 2023 Chery Tech Day at the Chery Longshan Test Center, also in the city of Wuhu. This follow-up of its highly successful 2022 Tech Day, showcased a comprehensive display of Chery’s blueprint for intelligent transportation in areas that included its hybrid technology as well as its electric vehicle technology. It also highlighted Chery’s global technological achievements.

“We aspire to establish a robust and flourishing innovative ecosystem, characterized by a sturdy core. Chery is committed not only to autonomously cultivating talent but also to continuously attracting leading experts from around the world. We aim to achieve a reputation for excellence that speaks for itself, creating a resounding impact with our endeavors,” said the Chairman of Chery Holdings Group, Yin Tongyue at the opening of the event.

The events spanning these two days proved that the brand is not just “Tech Chery”, but also “User Chery”, “Global Chery” and “New Chery”.