Disky gathers pace as motorists opt for convenient licence disk renewal

The partnership between Disky and Supa Quick, the innovative online platform for hassle-free licence renewals, continues to gain traction within the motoring community. Since it was launched, 72 600 motorists have interacted with the Disky platform.

The fitment centre group Supa Quick partnered with Disky to make it convenient and quick for motorists to renew their vehicle licenses using WhatsApp. The service can be found on Supa Quick’s website or by scanning a QR code at any of the 190-plus Supa Quick stores across South Africa.

André Botes, Director and Co-Founder of Disky, says that the initial huge surge in demand posed some challenges for the platform, but the team has now strengthened the business model significantly. In order to ensure an excellent customer experience, Disky no longer relies on external service providers, besides courier services.

“The consistent demand shows that motorists are looking for a quick and easy solution to the challenges of renewing licence disks in person—the inevitable long queues have been exacerbated by load shedding, which causes inconvenient delays and frustration,” he says. “The fact that we have had 72 600 engagements with motorists over the past two months shows that our new process model is working well.”

Disky now offers a five to seven business-day turnaround for licence renewals in all provinces and has developed a streamlined process for onboarding renewal requests with fewer documents needing to be uploaded. In addition, a new state-of-the-art payment gateway ensures that payment is also much more user friendly and quick.

Now that Disky handles customer service in-house, it is offering a 24-hour turnaround on all customer queries.

“Motorists have a lot on their plates, and by making it easier for them to renew their licences Disky is providing a service that really adds value,” Botes concludes. “With partners like Supa Quick we are able to reach more motorists and help make their lives that little bit easier.”