All Bulk: going further with Goodyear’s KMAX S Endurance

Goodyear’s KMAX S ENDURANCE tyre fitted on the steer position of All Bulk’s fleet helped carrier achieve higher operating efficiency.

Founded in 2011, All Bulk is a leading transportation company that specialises in dry bulk transportation within South Africa and Africa.

To ensure that it stays on track to achieve operational and business goals, All Bulk decided on Goodyear’s KMAX S ENDURANCE tyres to be fitted onto the steer position of its fleet for regional haulage. And the tyres lived up to their promise – they clocked more than 240,000kms over 14 months of use.

An innovative steer tyre, Goodyear’s KMAX S ENDURANCE is manufactured with specific compound mix that uses ingredients and a molecular structure designed to minimise wear and maximize resistance. Fully designed with an optimised footprint to handle the different forces, such as the lateral force, that are simultaneously exerted on steer tyres during the journey, the KMAX S ENDURANCE is able to achieve high mileage and even wear over the period of usage.

Louis Slabbert, Transport Manager, All Bulk said: “The Goodyear KMAX S ENDURANCE tyres were fitted onto the steer position of our fleet of Scania R500. These tyres have done over 240,000kms and enabled us to achieve higher efficiency per kilometre and lower downtime. We are satisfied with their performance.”

In addition to the tyres, Goodyear also upskilled the All Bulk team with fitter and driver training.

Brandon Meyer, Director of Commercial Business, Goodyear South Africa said “Goodyear has a proud track record of delivering high quality tyres to South African fleets, which enable the delivery of goods to every corner of this country.

“With key tyre technology innovations that combine chipping/chunking resistance and robustness, with high mileage capability and even wear, the KMAX S ENDURANCE is the perfect steer tyre for regional hauling applications.”

Every tyre in Goodyear’s KMAX ENDURANCE range is designed for optimal mileage and reliability for different on-road conditions, and are available through its distributor, Exclusive Wheel and Tyre Distributors.