HAVAL announces New Energy Vehicle investment in the AA Technical College

HAVAL Motors South Africa (HMSA) is proud to announce an investment in the Automobile Association (AA) Technical College and its continued support for this venture by supplying New Energy Vehicle (NEV) components to the College, and by contributing to practical and curriculum development on NEV technology in association with the AA.

As a world leader in vehicle battery technology through SVOLT, a company wholly owned by HAVAL’s parent company Great Wall Motors (GWM), and NEV with the HAVAL Hybrid Electric Vehicle models and the new ORA Electric Vehicle brand, HMSA recognises that NEV in the local market requires not only infrastructure and Government policy to grow and develop, but also skills development.

“This investment serves as further evidence of our full and unwavering commitment to the country,” says Yusuf Patel, Head of Aftersales at HAVAL Motors South Africa.  

“After 16 years in South Africa, HAVAL now consistently ranks among the top players in national vehicle sales and is also at the forefront of introducing NEV technology locally with our ORA brand and HAVAL HEV models.

“Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles require special skills, safety, training and equipment to service and work, and this totally transforms the role and skills required by vehicle technicians,” Patel says. 

Patel adds, “HMSA recognises this and as we are well positioned in the NEV space, we want to be the pioneers of driving skills development for New Energy Vehicles in the local industry, in particular where it is not being addressed by Government or the industry.”

Besides travel and mobility services, technical and legal advice, emergency rescue services and roadside security, the Automobile Association – the trusted champion of the South African motorist and traveller for more than 90 years – also offers specialised apprenticeships to help motor industry players build in-house skills, and short skill courses for individuals. 

Werner Wandrey, Principal of the AA Technical College, thanked HAVAL for its generous donation.

“It could not have come at a better time. The curriculum for the technical college is currently being updated by the Department of Education and part of the new curriculum is an introduction to Electric Vehicles as well as Hybrid Vehicles.

“With this donation we will undoubtedly be one of the first training facilities that now supports actual modules, not only in theory but with practical tasks and exhibitions in this new technology. We can therefore train our learners way ahead of time before EVs and Hybrid Vehicles become mainstream in our market. We are very grateful for this donation,” says Wandrey. 

In addition to roadside emergency services, the AA offers a range of products and services providing personal armed security services to Members and non-Members through its AA Remi panic button. The service – which dispatches the nearest armed security personnel to the user’s location – also covers emergency medical response services which can be dispatched through the push of a button.