Chery celebrates major milestones
Announcing the new range of Chery Extender warranty products at the celebration of Chery's 20 000-unit sales in South Africa. In Bryanston , Johannesburg. From left - Collin Molepe (Managing Executive of Absa Insurance), Charl Grobler (Managing Executive of Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance), and Tony Liu (Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery SA.

Chery, its dealer network, and customers are celebrating a major milestone in South Africa.

The group has just sold over 20 000-unit sales, in a mere eighteen months after first opening its doors in South Africa. This is not only a new record for a new brand, but it firmly places Chery in the Top 10 best-selling vehicle brands within South Africa.

It is worth noting that Chery first became a member of the so-called Top 10 brands in only eight months after opening its first showroom.

The Chery Tiggo 4 Pro, which was the first model to be introduced in South Africa, has proven to be the most popular. It is followed by the Tiggo 7 Pro and the flagship Tiggo 8 Pro as well as the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX.

“We have repeatedly said that every sale to a customer is an endorsement of our vehicles, their quality and our customer service and support,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

“For this very reason, we do not take this milestone lightly, we aim to celebrate it with every customer and our dealers who have helped us to reach this milestone”.

As mentioned by Liu, Chery did not only rely on the quality and performance of their range of Tiggo Pro models. Rather, it embarked on an aggressive programme of offering additional value-added services, to current and future customers. 

The first step was to offer a standard comprehensive 1-million-kilometre / 10-year engine warranty on All Tiggo Pro models. This warranty is unmatched by any other vehicle brand outside of the Chery Group.

To ensure Chery offers an exceptional aftersales value proposition a larger parts distribution warehouse was opened in Boksburg, Gauteng. This warehouse allows Chery to exceed the industry parts picking standard of 97% and deliver parts and service components to every dealer, every day.

All Chery customers experience peace-of-mind motoring offered through the My Chery Cares portfolio when they buy a Tiggo Pro. The range of value-added services includes many of the add-on insurance products that are normally sold at an additional cost to new customers, such as rim repair, scratch, and dent protection and even a take-me-home concierge service for Tiggo Pro owners.

The newest addition to the portfolio of value-added services and products for Chery owners was introduced this week in conjunction with its new sales milestone.

Called Chery Extender, the product range offers new and current owners of any Chery Tiggo Pro model the opportunity to extend their service plan, convert their current service plan intro a full maintenance plan or extend their comprehensive mechanical warranty.

The Chery Extender range of products was developed by Chery South Africa and Absa, and it carries the full endorsement and support of Chery and its dealer network.

Mechanical warranty

The first product in the Chery Extender product range is the extended warranty. With this product, the owner can extend the full mechanical warranty to the same duration as the engine warranty. Importantly, this product remains with the vehicle and is therefore transferrable between owners.

As the product was co-developed by Chery and carries its endorsement, a Chery owner can rest assured that any warranty repairs will be done according to Chery standards and with Chery parts by Chery approved dealers or service centres.

Extended service plan 

The second product is an extended service plan. This will cover the same labour costs and other service plan items as covered by the standard Chery service plan for an extended period. 

Comprehensive maintenance plan

The third and last range of products is the Chery Extended Maintenance Plan. 

Owners who opt for this product range, upgrade their standard service plan to a full maintenance plan. A maintenance plan covers wear-and-tear parts such as filters, oil, wiper blades, brakes and brake discs alongside the elements normally covered by a standard service plan.

The maintenance plan can be extended beyond the fixed period included as standard with the purchase of every Tiggo Pro.

Chery Extender products are available on all Chery models at every Chery dealership in South Africa.

“We are excited to offer this new value-added range of insurance products to our customers and we look forward to introducing them on all other Chery models that we may launch in future” says Liu.

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