MasterDrive spreads Mandela Day love
Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Each year, Mandela Day is an important day for MasterDrive to give something back to the community. Additionally, MasterDrive makes an effort to give back at every opportunity including events, at any time there is a need and much more.

Since 2020, when more South Africans started experiencing hardship, MasterDrive committed to contributing to initiatives or communities more often than once a year. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Consequently, the inspiration from which this commitment to those in need arose, Mandela Day, is an important day for the entire team.

“This year, MasterDrive gave their 67 minutes (and more) to a number of different initiatives across the country. Mandela Day has become an important day for all members on the team. We again encourage every organisation that participated in Mandela Day this year to continue in this stead and continue donating to those in need whether this is through resources or time. despite the difficulties we all face let’s continue helping one another.”

Mandela Day initiatives

Mandela Day Supercar Run and Rhino Orphan Milk Drive

Over the weekend, members from MasterDrive’s Johannesburg office, participated in the Ferris Rhino Orphan Milk Drive. This saw supercars from across Gauteng unite in a Supercar Run. In the weeks leading up to the event, donations of skimmed milk were dropped off at Papachinos Restaurants. The run then consisted of a line of supercars moving between three restaurants in the chain.  

This year the intention was to beat last year’s participation of 60 supercars, collection of 10 550 litres of milk and raising of R60 000 in funds. This will be donated to Rhino Connect, a non-governmental, not-for-profit South African organisation focused on private conservation of Black and White Rhino. Private custodians carry the full burden of care and protection of Rhinos from poaching.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

The MasterDrive team is assisting the SPCA with building dog kennels and with some repainting. In honour of the legacy of Madiba and the change he brought to society, Cape Town’s branch of MasterDrive selected the Cape of Good Hope SPCA as their organisation to work with this year. The contribution is part of the SPCA’s mission to strive toward an animal cruelty-free community.

Blanket Drive at Alexander Hospice

MasterDrive in partnership with Investec visited Alexander Hospice to deliver blankets on Mandela Day. Each member of the MasterDrive team wrote a personal message of hope and encouragement on the bag of each blanket. It was a humbling moment to be there and see the smiles on both those handing over blankets and those receiving.