SAPICS Partner Event | 29 November | Discovering Your Strengths & Weaknesses in YOUR BUSINESS | SCRM
  • Tuesday, 29 November 2022
  • 15h00 - SAST, CAT, GMT+2
  • 09h00 - EST

Please join Greg and Jim for a lively discussion in supporting your SC Management Program.

The focus will be on leveraging the SCRM Consortium's 10+ years knowledge base to support Developing Your SC Management Game Plan. Discovering Your Strengths & Weaknesses in YOUR BUSINESS by understanding YOUR Strategic, Tactical & Operational (STO) Levels of Strengths.

The SCRM Consortium provides a FREE SC Management Report based on benchmarking 100's of  companies so that you can Survive in a world of High Inflation and Diminishing Demand. The online assessment comprises of 120-Online questions, providing your company with an AS-IS State of Maturity associated with your Supply Chain processes! Graphical Assessment Personas provide insights into Your Company.

We look forward to an interactive webinar, consisting of audience Polling Questions.

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