Driving sustainability through RTMS and ISO standards: Transport Forum event
Oliver Naidoo – Managing Director of JC Auditors

Road Transport Management Systems (RTMS) and ISO standards as drivers of road transport sustainability, will come under the spotlight on 20 March, when accredited certification body JC Auditors hosts the monthly Transport Forum.

This complimentary virtual event will start at 9 am and run until midday. A range of speakers will present on the topic, including JC Auditors Managing Director Oliver Naidoo, who will speak about linking business strategy with management systems and sustainability.  “Certification to RTMS and various ISO standards is often a prerequisite for tenders and contracts as their value is being increasingly recognised by the corporate world,” says Naidoo. “Adherence to road transport and ISO management systems have proven benefits such as better risk management, higher compliance and increased productivity.”

These voluntary self-regulatory systems have demonstrated significant benefits to the economy including preservation of the road network, emissions reduction, and improving road safety, delivering not only tangible economic benefit, but perhaps more significantly making the roads safer for the benefit of the country’s citizens.

The Forum will look at how leading transport companies are embracing these management systems as key drivers of their business sustainability, while leading researchers will discuss new innovative technologies being used to promote safety and sustainability in road transport operations.

The programme includes:

  • Saving Lives Beyond 2020 by Professor Claes Tingvall of Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • A vehicle technology perspective on sustainable road freight by Dr Chris de Sax, a senior Research Associate from the University of Cambridge
  • Promoting safe and sustainable road freight and passenger transport through a Performance-Based Standards approach by Dr Paul Nordengen, Director of Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology Africa
  • Sustainability fundamentals in action at Unitrans byLiesl de Wet- Head: Accelerated Organisational Sustainability: Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions
  • The Imperial approach to integrated systems, safety, and sustainability by Bobby Shemmans Vice President: SSHE - Imperial, Road Freight Africa
  • Implementing management systems in a growing transport operation by Cedrick Moodley - Business Development Executive: Aplotrax/Makwande

To register for this complimentary event, go to https://transportsig.com/