Update : MIBCO wage and substantive negotiations for 2019

Update : MIBCO wage and substantive negotiations for 2019

The conciliation process aimed at resolving the impasse between employers and NUMSA at this year’s wage and substantive negotiations, under the auspices of MIBCO, continued on 23 October 2019.

Jan Schoeman, Chief Operating Officer at the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), said that during the previous session of conciliation on 11 October 2019, the RMI and the other employer parties tabled a revised wage offer, the details of which were reported on at the time. NUMSA was requested to respond to this revised offer of the employer parties, however it has refused to do so, insisting the RMI agree to the terms of the 2016 wage agreement, amongst other requirements.

Schoeman said in view of NUMSA’s refusal to continue the negotiation process

the RMI and the other employer parties have been left with no other option but to register an objection to NUMSA  proceeding with the finalisation of

Picketing Rules, which is a legal prerequisite for it to commence with a legal / protected strike.

If NUMSA proceeds with a legal / protected strike, legally it needs to conduct a recorded and secret ballot with all 78 000 members in order to determine support for a strike. Only once such a ballot has been conducted, can Picketing Rules, that regulate the conduct of striking employees, be finalised.

“NUMSA has not conducted the required ballot to date,” says Schoeman.

The RMI’s objection will now be subjected to thorough consideration by the Commissioner appointed by the CCMA, and in all likelihood, this will take several weeks. “In the interim we encourage NUMSA to continue the negotiation process as the conclusion of a wage agreement for the next three years, has become a matter of priority,” concludes Schoeman.

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