GUD Filters celebrates 70th anniversary

GUD Filters first manufacturing site in Ordnance Road, KwaZulu Natal

2019 marks 70 years since GUD Filters began manufacturing premium automotive filters for the local market.

From  humble beginnings in 1949, the iconic filtermanufacturer has cemented itsreputation as a reliable, trusted, home-grown brand that strives to ensure great engine protection for customers every step of the way.

As the industry leader celebrates this milestone anniversary, Chris Haworth, CEO, G.U.D. Holdings proudly shares the South African brand’s secret to continued success.

“A GUD filter is not just a product; it’s a brand that evokes memories of fathers and  sons  working together  on vehicles  in  their  garages.  It  is  a  brand  trusted  by  South  Africans known for  its quality and reliability to meet service intervals. Celebrating a 70th anniversary milestone is a significant achievement, especially in the current economic climate. We are honoured that South Africans continue to choose GUD as their number one filter brand.”

Product  development  has  come  a  long  way  from  the  original  designs,  which  included  cotton  waste, pleated with wire and cans stuffed with papier-mâché, to eco-friendly metal-free filters for the modern vehicle engine in the twenty first century.

GUD’sproduct range has grown exponentially from 60-part numbers for 63 vehicle applications in 1949 to over 7000 part numbers today, covering more than 9000 vehicle applications and 93% of the vehicle makes on South Africa’s roads.

A  cornerstone  of  the  Company  from  their  early  beginnings  was  acommitment  to  manufacturing premium quality filters. GUD was the first filter manufacturer in the country to have a specialised filter laboratory for research, development and quality testing. Seventy years later, they continue to investin advanced  laboratory  equipment  to  ensure  their  filters  meet  the  highest  international  filtration  quality and performance standards. This also enables them to consistently improve products to meet changing environmental and customer requirements.

Their commitment to quality has resulted in long-term partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers – among  them  Toyota  SA,  Volkswagen  SA  and  General  Motors – and  earned  the  company  many accolades including Supplier of the Year and Supplier Merit Awards from OEM and P&A customers.  

The  brand  continues  to  expand  its  footprint  locally  and  internationally  with  warehouses  in  Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia to meet the needs of a growing African market.

It is an exciting time in the automotive industry right now, and with 70 years of experience behind us, we’re thrilled to be looking forward and discovering new ways to drive excellence in the automotive market.” says Haworth.

Happy 70th Birthday GUD Filters! Here’s tomanymore successful years of Great Engine Protection!

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