Helping You Move More Metal

Helping You Move More Metal


It’s October already! 2019 has passed in a blur. We find ourselves in the last quarter of the year with the frenzy of the holiday shopping season drawing near. For us at AutoTrader, it’s the perfect time to take stock of what has been achieved so far. 

Over the course of the last 12 months, we have invested millions in marketing and  technology, in order to make sure that we deliver value to both you, our valued customer, along with providing a seamless car shopping experience to your consumers. 

With the final quarter of the year upon us, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. Our AutoTrader site and the customers we serve, are at the heart of our business, and it is here that we have seen excellent growth. I’d like to share some of those results with you.

Car shoppers conduct over 1 million searches on our site every day - that’s the same as filling Soccer City with 100 thousand people, 10 times -  in one day! (and that’s a 37% increase on last year). These 30 million+ monthly searches have resulted in 4,2 million estimated leads delivered to our dealers (an increase of 14% on last year), and most importantly, 84% of all vehicles listed on AutoTrader were sold in the past 12 months!

This year we have also created over 1,6 million pieces of site content designed specifically to help car shoppers navigate the car buying journey. 

And a special point of pride for us - in our first year of taking on the AutoTrader SA Car of the Year competition, our marketing campaign measured over 100 000 000 in reach, with each participating automotive brand enjoying an individual exposure reach of 15 million!

Customer Service

This year we also debuted a host of ground-breaking firsts for not only our business, but for our industry as a whole. 

In March we made the switch to Google Analytics 360, allowing us to understand consumer needs without having to rely on sampled analytics data as so many sites do. We can now connect the dots across all the moments that influence a car purchase, thereby connecting you with quality in-market car shoppers and helping consumers make better decisions, faster. 

In May we launched the new AutoTrader website, bringing to market the most improved search technology that allows visitors to search by car variant; a feature unique to AutoTrader. Our #SearchJustGotLit promotion recorded over 200 million impressions, an impressive indicator that consumers are interested and find value in our offer.

In the same month, we launched SA’s first comprehensive vehicle database that has brought together data on over 11 million vehicles, organised from VIN down to variant level. With consumer demand data layered on top of this database, we were then able to produce our first-ever AutoTrader Car Industry Report; a report that serves as a sound proxy for South Africa’s automotive market demand and supply. This report is freely available to all of our customers, and can be downloaded here.

Today, as we move into the frenzy of the end-of-year shopping season, I can proudly say that the AutoTrader team is excited to be partners in your business and we look forward to working together to drive more innovations that help you move more metal.

Thank you for your time, and we wish you an exciting end to 2019!

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