MasterDrive Newsletter - 08 October 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 08 October 2019

MasterTips: Commercial vehicle collisions

  • Slow-speed vehicle collisions could be the biggest crash hazard for fleets. According to a leading telematics company in the US two out of every 10 collisions involving commercial vehicles, fitted with their devices, were involved in collisions at speeds below 8km/h.

MasterNews: FuneralCar.co.za aims to break world record

  • Today, a world record for the most vehicles in a hearse parade will be made. The expo is the largest of its kind and is hosted by FuneralCar.co.za for those operating in the funeral industry. MasterDrive is supporting the event by providing instructors for the skidpan and 4x4 experience. Find out what you can see at the expo and how to win a grand prize.

MasterNews: MasterDrive's Women in Transport event

  • This year’s Women in Transport event took place last week and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The event raised awareness about the tragedy of human trafficking on society and showed the ladies how they can play their part in fighting it.


  • Little Bobby’s grandmother takes him to the park on Saturday. It snowed all night and everything is beautiful. His grandmother says, "Do you know God painted this just for you?" Bobby says, "Yes, and He did it left-handed." This confuses his grandmother and she asks, "Why do you say that?" "Well," says Bobby, "We learnt at Sunday School that Jesus sits on God's right hand!"

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