Standox special colour: Performance Blue for a bright blue

Standox special colour: Performance Blue for a bright blue

Standox, a global refinish brand from Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings,stands for the Art of Refinishing, and has developed its own special colourfor the first time. Standox Performance Blue, a radiant metallic blue with flop effect, is inspired by the brand’s logo. The colour formula is now available in the StandowiniQ software.

Standox is known as a brand for high-quality paints for the professional refinisher, and now the brand has released its own special colour. The formula for the exclusive Standox Performance Blue, radiant metallic blue with flop effect, is now available in the StandowiniQ colour software, which means it can be found by all Standox bodyshops.

Armin Sauer, Colour Management Specialist at Standox in Germany, had developed the colour especially for a Mercedes SLS that is on display in the entrance lobby of the Standox Information Center in Wuppertal. "We could have used an ordinary OEM shade, but we wanted to come up with something unique and striking," he says. This is how Standox Performance Blue was born.

"The development of this colour was inspired by the blue in our logo," says Sauer. “And Axalta's Global Automotive 2018 Color Popularity Report shows that blue is the most popular chromatic colour for new cars in Europe, accounting for around ten percent after white, grey, black and silver, which was also key, so this also formed part of our decision-making process."

Exclusive model cars in the special colour

Standox Performance Blue is not available on production vehicles, but a limited number of Ford GT40 model racing carshave been produced in 1:18 scale in Standox Performance Blue and are available exclusively throughthe brand.

Olaf Adamek, Standox Brand Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, says, "We want to offer our customers something special and to-the-point, as well as something that represents our guiding principle, the Art of Refinishing. The exclusive, limited collector’s edition model car is just that, and Standox Performance Blue is the icing on the cake. Our exclusive colour not only makes the Ford GT40 model even more sought after, but it also representstrustworthiness, just like Standox.”

Refinishers can find exciting information about car coloursatwww.standox.co.za/colour.

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