Prevent your battery from taking a permanent vacation

Prevent your battery from taking a permanent vacation

As the holiday season approaches, many families are making plans for their well-deserved breaks. Some of these arrangements include accommodation, flights and making sure things are taken care of at home such as your pets, security and turning your refrigerator on holiday mode.

Unfortunately, when a car is parked for a long time, this will drain the battery through the onboard computer systems, alarm and even the tracker. While these functions may not consume as much battery power as regular driving, you could come home to a car with a flat battery. This not only means an unnecessary jumpstart, but could also be the cause of bigger problems for your car.

What could happen to your car while you catch a tan

Coming back to a flat battery is not just frustrating, it could also result in a costly battery or alternator replacement as jumpstarting your car can do the following,

  • Weaken the battery as it has not been recharged
  • Decrease the lifespan of the battery due to insufficient charge capacity to start the car
  • Potentially damage the alternator as it will need to work twice as hard in order to power the battery.

How to prevent your battery from taking a vacay

The battery specialists recommend the following.

  1. Disconnect the battery terminals– the only way to prevent your battery from losing charge. Remember, you just need to disconnect the negative terminal.
  2. Make use of a trickle charger – to give your battery a consistent charge.
  3. Have a family member or friend start the car every few days – or better yet, drive it, this will keep the battery charged.
  4. Visit your local Battery Centre for specialist advice on preserving your pride and joy’s battery.

Before hitting the beach and taking selfies at famous landmarks, be sure to take care for your car battery.

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