HFT adds StatGuard™ fuel storage tank filtration to its African offering

HFT adds StatGuard™ fuel storage tank filtration to its African offering

Up to 85% of fuel system component failures are caused by contamination. The main attributable causes of engine failure are inadequate fuel filtration, diesel fuel contamination and water in the fuel system.According to the World Wide Fuel Charter, only 43% of the world diesel fuel supply meets the ISO cleanliness standard fordiesel fuel delivered from the filling station nozzle.

Keeping your engine running smoothly is critical to increasing fuel efficiency. To helpfleet owners and managers minimise the risks of fuel contamination in their fuel storage tank systems, Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) has introduced the Fleetguard®StatGuard™ for bulk fuel cleanliness. It reduces electrostatic discharge through anti-static reducing media, and provides unique grounding solutions. Electrostatic discharge can be created when diesel passes through filter media at high flow rates.

StatGuard™ has been engineered for use with single pass filtration for clean transfers, high efficiency kidney looping, inlet and outlet filtration at bulk storage tanks and mobile and stationary applications. “It features better dust holding capacity than competitor products and has a superior filter life. Additionally, the lower static build-up – at only 246 lpm – reduces filter media damage,” explains Sandor Bottyan, General Manager, HFT.

StatGuard™ for bulk fuel cleanliness can be used on fuel islands or anywhere there is bulk fuel filtration. It is suitable for all remote sites such as farms and agricultural holdings, forestry commissions, mine sites and marina fuel stations, and is ideal for large fleet locations like bus, truck and rental depots.

“Essentially there are three main diesel fuel contaminants,” Bottyan points out. “Organic contaminants; inorganic contaminants; and free and emulsified water.”The last is the most common form of diesel fuel contamination. StatGuard™ is designed to help overcome these component failure causes,” he says.

He adds that the majority of tank systems, either new or existing, are fitted without any filter. Feetguard’s StatGuard™ is available as an up-fit solution or replacement, and existing competitor filters can be replaced with StatGuard™ using Fleetguard’s cross-reference table.

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) a member of Bosch Rexroth Group of Companies is a Mega Distributor of Fleetguard’s filtration products in South Africa and Africa.

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