Female bikers against woman and children abuse, ”we say enough is enough”. ”i will not be next”

Female bikers against woman and children abuse, ”we say enough is enough”. ”i will not be next”

South Africa female bikers will on Saturday 14 September 2019 be embarking on a mass ride headed to The Union Building in Pretoria, to hand a memorandum to Honorable Minister in the Presidency: Mr Jackson Mthembu.

Bike Riders will be coming from all over Gauteng and other provinces. The aim of the female only ride is to stand up against woman and children abuse.

We say ”enough is enough”. ”I am not next”. This ride is brought about by a spade of all attacks on woman and children not only the recent ones. South African Female Riders stand in solidarity and  condemn the scourge of abuse and murders of women and chilldren, No cause can justify such brutality and senseless killings.

This is a call out by female riders to the whole of South Africa to say, let's join hands to heal our nation. Change start with each of you.

Female riders hereby request support and participation by the media to help drive the message and create awareness in curb these senseless fatalities.

DATE: 14 September 2019


VENUE: Union Building, Pretoria


  1. We urge ALL Female bikers and their families to stand as one and in one voice,
  2. let's help our Government to rid our country of violence against women and children by taking necessary precautions in order to protect ourselves and be safe,
  3. report abusers,  we urge the men in our community to protect women and children and not protect perpetrators,
  4. Hold your peers accountable for any negligent and predatory actions against women and Children.
  5. We call for a harsher sentences for perpetrators of these barbaric acts
  6. Increase the number of shelters where   victims can be housed and protected

Feeling safe and protected is each South Africans constitutional right and we urge the Government to introduce laws that will make all inhabitats of this country safe.

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