Winslow® Fuel Coalescer now in South Africa

Winslow® Fuel Coalescer now in South Africa

Worldwide, power stations, pipelines, and marine engines work hard, with run times of 98% standard in many industries. Winslow® lube oil filters from Fleetguard®, provide engines with contaminant protection and extended service life unmatched by other systems. Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) is a Mega Distributor of Fleetguard®’s filtration products in South Africa and Africa.

Repair statistics show that the majority of engine problems stem from contaminated fuel. Condensation, leaking filler pipes, caps, inspection covers and breathers, and emulsified water generated during the filling process or movement of the fuel in the storage tank results in water contamination. Due to water contamination, fuel loses its lubricating properties which makes the fuel system inefficient. When water combines with sulphur it forms acid which is highly corrosive to engines.

A world leader in mobile filtration technology, Fleetguard® filtration solutions are ideal for diesel and fuel engines in industry, construction, marine and consumer applications.Theyensure optimal fuel system protection as per demanding OEM specifications. The Winslow® Stationary Multiple Element Design Fuel Coalescer removes 99% of water and dirt from fuel. Cleaner fuel means prolonged engine life, lower maintenance costs and reduced exhaust emissions.

The Winslow® Fuel Coalescer follows a two-stage process. Through fibrous media, emulsified water is attracted and held. Water droplets unite into larger droplets to form free water. The free water is released during the water repellent second stage. Separated water drops into the water collection sump, effectively cleaning fuel of water contamination. The Winslow® Fuel Coalescer removes 99% per SAE J1488 of emulsified water; 99% efficiency per SAE J1839 of free water.

Hytec Fluid Technology, a member of the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies, is a specialist company focused on providing total fluid management solutions to the industrial and mobile markets. The Winslow® Fuel Coalescer from Fleetguard® is available through HFT.

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