Cartrack first-to-market with R1 Million Recovery Warranty

Cartrack first-to-market with R1 Million Recovery Warranty

Cartrack is once again setting the cat among the pigeons in the stolen vehicle recovery industry with a world first R1 million Limited Recovery Warranty for any Toyota purchased from its affiliated Toyota dealers – a bold move from one of SA’s most trusted tracking and recovery specialists.

Cartrack has a long-standing relationship with the Toyota brand, a relationship built on a history of trust, reliability and consistent service delivery to both dealers and clients. This Limited Recovery Warranty is a mark of Cartrack’s commitment to the Toyota brand and their clients, adding another layer of assurance for them knowing that if their Toyota is ever stolen or hijacked, they can trust us to get it back.

“We are so confident in our industry-leading recovery rate, that we are more than willing to put this amount of skin in the game,” says Cartrack South Africa CEO, Harry Louw, “Cartrack is the only telematics company that can boast an audited 92% recovery rate across the board, as well as a world class recovery team dedicated to getting our clients’ vehicles back to the rightful owner.

“In addition to this world-first recovery warranty, the device we will install in the newly purchased Toyota is new-generation technology that makes use of advanced communication platforms to track vehicles in real time. The unit also provides a range of telematics information that customers can use to improve their on-road safety and security.”

The new generation unit specifically allows for Cartrack’s CarWatch function to keep a virtual eye on the vehicle, making the vehicle’s safety and security of paramount importance. Once parked and switched off, the vehicle owner activates the CarWatch function using the Cartrack App. Then, if the vehicle is moved while CarWatch is on guard, the owner will receive an alert and can take the appropriate action to report the loss to Cartrack.

“As the first vehicle recovery company to offer a recovery warranty, we’ve come to understand exactly what this level of assurance means for our clients. They know they will get their vehicle back, or the financial means to purchase a new one. This offer is a commitment to our service excellence in recoveries, and an even greater reason to believe that we have our clients, and our partners’ clients’ safety and security at heart by providing intelligent mobility at every turn.

“With over 1,040,000 subscribers who trust us to deliver world-class services, we are currently the fastest growing in-vehicle telematics company in the world providing Artificial Intelligence, smart-transportation and intelligent mobility solutions for both private consumers and fleet-based businesses.”

The R1-million Recovery Warranty will be available for all Toyotas bought between 1 September and 31 December 2019 at any Toyota dealer, and will be valid for the duration of the standard Cartrack contract.

“These are truly exciting times for us”, adds Louw, “and as we enter a world where technology will increasingly meet humanity, Cartrack will continue to work diligently to lead the way into the next generation of safety, security and intelligent mobility.”

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